What do these cute dogs have in common?


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Carpets Damaged by Pets

The Carpet Repair Experts love the animals they help get out of sticky situations. In the initial stage of the carpet damage their owners are in shock and that's where we come in to the carpet repair rescue!

Bleached carpet

The damaged carpet was repaired in this way because we were limited with what was available and so we extracted a piece from the corner of the room

This carpet was damaged by this cute pooch after the customer cleaned the Pet urine with a strong cleaner that took the color out of the carpet

Puka the black special lab that caused the tear in the berber carpet

Berber snagged by this cute dog  called "Puka"

Berber snagged by this cute dog repaired

This is Jack  and he is still in love with carpets



This is "Maddie" and he chewed the berber carpet between the T.V. and the corner of the wall

These two brothers work together we're not sure who did what but we have an idea  :)

This is Dozer and he loves berber carpet!  :)

This carpet was damaged by "Bear" right at the metal moulding or transition strip on the right corner. He was saved again by the carpet repair expert!  ;)

Regis the cute Bischon dog who damaged the carpet
Before and after carpet repair

This is "Regis", he chewed the carpet at the entry way. Guess what his owners' name is?

This berber carpet had a small design which needed to be aligned prior to the repair being completed

This is Bear and he is only 13 weeks old in this picture :)